Blackjack Card Counting – Just Another Way to Beat the House Edge

Can you make a living by counting cards?

Let’s Be honest, Blackjack Card Counting is hard work. If the casino is asking you to do something it’s hard not to dislike. Especially when we all have phones that can be used to gauge what deck of cards you held in your pocket. Face it, the average amateur isn’t going to go out of his way to cheat the casino. Not that it should matter, the fact that you’re not using a cheating device suggests you’re working with educated guesses and may be taking the time to learn an extra skill.

Blackjack Card Counting – Reducing the Casino’s Edge

If we’re honest, most of the methods published on the internet are quite simple. They don’t involve complicated formulas, but if you’re talking about the sorts of methods that the pros use, you’ll have to unpuck up your sleeve and learn some extra secrets. Why? Well, to start with, learning how to count cards is not a method that any individual can just learn in a few hours. You can see and hear the dealers, but card counting is not a done dealing. Card counting is a skill that must be learned to be able to count cards. There are several theory behind card counting and the full extent of what it entails remains a mystery, but there are some initial tips.

In the casino, most seasoned players will tell you that the best time to bet is when the deck is rich in face cards or high cards. He also suggests striking it big whenever the deck is rumored to be rich in high cards, or cards of the same suit. This is because, statistically, the casinos have a small edge over the players on the high cards. High cards are better when it comes to the casino, but with the correct theories, you can even the odds and even the house edge in your favor.

Casinos fight back by placing playing 7Meter machines at the table. The machines are administrated by the casino and are programmed to selectively push the buttons at a certain time. It’s apparently random but it’s possible that the next spin will be a high card and the next one a low card. In addition, all casinos have the ability to move the machines on their tables. Mystery packs of cards are packed and fanned under the feet and these packs are packed and reopened in the opposite direction by the same persons.

It is possible to understand why casinos fight the cards. Like with all things it’s possible to Royce arbitrarily what you want or even the most basic things like: – it could never be certain that the machine was killed off by a hurricane or any type of unavoidable event – it is possible that the machine was not programmed to shell out the maximum payout and actually delivers what it is promised. One could never be certain but the bottom line is, in the casino business and perhaps in any type of war, it is usually safe to assume the worse your opponent can do, then you can take advantage of his or her weakness. Learn to spot an enemy and you will be able to defeat them.