Playing Blindfolded

I believe one of the reasons people have picked up poker so quickly is because of the extremely loose games early on. Very few people actually know how to play, so most people that sit at a table get straightFirstly, you need to understand the game. This will make you a lot more rounded player, but if you don’t know it’s going to hurt.

Texas Holdem Blind Fold Rule #1

You need to play in a way that, if you are called, you will have a very strong hand.

A lot of people think that the best way to win is to hit big on a draw and win the pot. Honestly, that is all you can do in a no limit game. That is what I used to do. Now I know that is not going to cut it, so I have developed Dewalive strategy.

I believe that the best chance you have is to have a very strong hand pre-flop, but then to have to make a decision whether to play your strong hand or not after the flop. After the flop you should only play hands that have the best chance of winning the hand. Play your big pocket pairs well, but don’t let it be the only way you make money.

If you hit a small or medium pair on the flop, I would play these cards if I were forced to. However, once the flop comes I want to play it out a bit depending on my position. Obviously if I just have a small pair I want to keep it and then look for a big re-raise.

Playing Blind Folded

Basically, most people go to a cash game because it is near the money. However, playing in a tournament is near the money also. Therefore, if you want to win I think the best strategy is to just stick to the fold. Even if you have a reputation for being a tight player, you will get chances to steal the blinds from the cutoff and sometimes from the button.

If you are going to steal the blinds and you are in late position and the two people in front of you have just folded, then yes, play it. If you are playing in middle position and feel that you could take the blinds from the short stack without a problem, then no, don’t. You want to be on solid fundamentals so that you can make the best plays possible.

Stealing the blinds from late position is pretty straightforward in a no limit game. When you are stealing the blinds from the cutoff and the button you are at the same disadvantage as the other players because unless you act after them you are also out of position so your likelihood of winning a pot is pretty slim.

In summing up, although unaware of what move to make, you should always be thinking about what move to make. If you are playing from the blinds and you don’t have a very good hand you should consider just calling to try and see a free card. When you are in late position and don’t have a good hand you should consider just folding. The blinds are worth less than the chips you would lose if you were forced to play them, so you want to make sure you make the best hand every time you steal the blinds.

Being aware of the best and worst moves to make in Texas Holdem is very important, and being able to make the correct one can win you a lot of money very quickly.