Top 3 Search Engines For Sc humming Website Traffic

There are still many other search engines you can send your website traffic to besides the top 3. But these 3 are the best practices from my experience. Remember, in this article I am assuming that you already know what keywords to target, and are doing some on page optimization to achieve top placements in search engines.

If you are optimizing your site already, you might want to do some tweaking to these engines to get top placements in search engines. But if you just don’t have time to spend making sure the key words, then I advise you to at least go over these 3 engines to see if your webpage is there.

Here are the top 3 search engines for traffic:

  1. Yahoo! Search engine:- Yahoo is the most popular search engine, and since it has a lot of user activity, it is a really good search engine to present your website to. How to start optimizing your site for Yahoo

Step 1

You should have an idea of what key words you want your website to be found for. Without this, your efforts on optimizing your site will be a waste of time. Just take a look in the search engines and you should be getting a general idea of the key words used to find your site.

Step 2

Go to the Yahoo search engine home page and look at the top 10 search results. Look for the keyword phrases that will be used by your market. This is what you need to change in your website design.

Step 3

The next thing you need to do is to optimize your website pages for the key words you have chosen. Small tweaks like changing your title tag or in the content of your site can give you a jump start in getting traffic to your site. Continue optimizing your sites with the key words you found in Step 1. I will explain this step in another article.

  1. Google AdWords:- Google AdWords is a good way to get your website found by people who are searching for your own keyword phrases. Why to get a higher placement for your websites on Google AdWords

Step 1

Like Yahoo, use the help of searches/titles in more depth to find out what phrases people are searching for.

Step 2

You may have to experiment for a few times to find the right key words for ads using Google AdWords. You can just reference very popular magazines or newspaper when you browse through magazine or newspaper providers especially in larger cities.

You also need to spend some time to see your advertisement on the magazine or Newspaper by clicking on ‘more ads’ or watching the ‘nagapoker’ on the top of the magazine or Newspaper. This technique helps you to elementary keyword phrases which will give you good placement on Google AdWords.

Step 3

You want your advertisement to be in the top 3 or the top 10 listings of the search results.You want that to appear whether people are searching for it or not.

Again like Yahoo and the other search engines, use a precise keyword search to get the guide of what keywords would give you the high placement list on Google AdWords. You might have to spend some time and pay them to see what is a reasonable translates into money that you won’t have to pay until your ad appears on the leading search engines websites.

Always get it down in your mind that the reality is not instant. You need to put in effort to ensure that your advertisement gets to the leading search engines sites that are credible to assist you to bring your website traffic to your site.