Win Blackjack Vegas With “Psychology”

If you want to get tips on how to win at blackjack, then this is the best article for you. This article will teach you the necessary strategies to win blackjack Vegas.

Just like in poker, a player must also have the necessary skills in order to win at blackjack. This is also a very important strategy to win at blackjack so that you will have better chances of winning huge amounts of profits. There are a lot of techniques involved in this gambling game. If you want to have an edge over yourSlot Machinesor other casino games, then use this helpful article.

In this article, let me share with you the secret behind the great win roulette system – psychology.

This is the simplest and yet most powerful of gambling systems that have been proven to help a player to win at blackjack. This system was designed by a man named Francois Blanc. However, as odd as it may sound, Francois Blanc standed up and made over 1 million during the 70s and 80s, only predicting that the formula would land on the right number eventually.

Francois Blanc’s betting formula called “The Blackjack” has a build in – a mathematic formula of the game of blackjack. When applied, it will tell the player when to increase the bet or decrease it when hitting your blackjack.

The math behind this system is very easy. Assuming the wheel is spun 36 times, the number of probable outcomes is as follows (assuming the zeros are included in the wheel):


The last outcome for the 0 to 18 bet is the one that will determine your winnings, if you happen to hit it. But if you miss, your lose will be bigger. If you hit the 0 or the 18, your winnings will be bigger by a ratio of 2:1, so if you missed, you will get $5 instead of $30. If you have taken insurance, your winnings will be bigger by a ratio of 2:1 as well.

The bet will be harder to hit if the wheel is not regulated by a lever-style underneath the table, however. Even the best odds and a six deck shoe will have an edge against you by a ratio of 2:1, though.

While the house advantage is generally about 5%, this can be offset a bit if you have a big bankroll to buy more cards, and also if you have skills that can enhance your skill. But again, if you’re playing it the house way, you’re not really playing against the house – other players are dealing with the house.

  • Pick the deck with aces and eights as the highest cards, then splits them if you can pull two aces in your hand, and land an ace or a six in the middle of your split.
  • Always split aces and eights, unless the dealer opens the player’s cards in “Double Down!”
  • Stand on hard 17 or higher, unless the dealer’s scored card is a 7 or lower, then hit soft 17 regardless of its value – you always want to have the strongest hand!

The most powerful combinations are the hard 9 and 12 against the dealer’s dealer card of 5, but the soft 17 against any dealer card is also a powerful hand. Typically, you should double down on nine as the highest split, and hard 18 is the second highest.

Although this seems complicated, and it is, there are easy to learn card counting methods that can be done, even if you’re a card counter. After learning to count cards, play blackjack players get an addition of an extra hand of 20 cards (there are 4 suits, so 20 cards total). When you call “DewaGG,” suck down your cards and, if your hand total is more than the dealers hand total, signals to the dealer, and the dealer now must deal an additional hand to everyone. The dealer hands soft 19 or lower, and must now draw a card if needed.

Now, in case you don’t remember, here’s how to count cards;