Where to Find Poker Tools and Software

In order to play online poker you need to have a secure account and to play cash games you need to have a poker tool. Most poker tools are applications which run inside the poker client (the software used to play poker online) that allow you to do like you would do in a live poker room. You can read a lot of reviews about poker tools on rec.gamble and poker

Best Poker Tools

  1. Poker Odds Calculators:

Obviously the best poker tool of them all. There is a huge range of different poker odds calculators designed for a multitude of different games such as texas holdem, stud, and more. The good thing about using poker tools is that you can get one that is designed specifically for your style. If you are a big fan of the low pocket pairs and you deposit to many poker sites you may find that your hands consistently receive bad beats. There are already many poker tools on the market but if you want the best odds on your pockets you might want to purchase a poker calculator that suits your style of play.

  1. Tackulator Tournament Analyzer:

Another great poker tool that will be extremely useful for you is the tournament analysis software. This will be especially helpful if you play tournaments. You can get a fraction of the information you would get with a poker calculator by going this route. It is a radar detector that will allow you to find the biggest fish, the tight players and what types of tournaments are being played. You can also get a poker tool to read your opponent’s hands and money as well.

  1. Aggressive Poker Calculator:

If you would like to gain more control over your game and be able to really push hard when you have a strong hand you will want to get an aggressive poker tool. The good thing about an aggressive poker calculator is that it will let you know when you can isolation a player and when it is time to get aggressive.

  1. Hand Histories:

You can capture all your hands played on your PokerTracker (the biggest poker tracking software available) and go back and look at how you made decisions in the hand. You can even go back and look at previous paid hands to see if an opponent made a similar decision and see if you are susceptible to a similar situation.

  1. Wheel of Fortune:

If you are playing for a long time and there are a lot of distractions, such as friends, family, dogs, noise, kids, you may find that your hands will not stay in order. You may loose your focus and start making bad decisions. With the wheel of fortune type poker tool, you can analyze your hands, discover what you did wrong and what you did right and then correct the mistakes you made.

  1. 358 – Blackjack Trainer:

If you have watched a blackjack training video you will see a lot of techniques. But you will not get a lot of quality information. Trainer Buttons, for example, will not be a good sign. Not all online casinos will offer a blackjack trainer. With a blackjack trainer you can get a lot of quality information that will help you win at blackjack.

  1. Hitman:

This is a poker bot originally created by an eBay seller known aswww.biebsjack69. It is a blackjack bot that will play against a human player using a DC dice set and a graphics made by aArizona Jacks computer. You can raise the jackpot by betting your blackjacks correctly. The bot is fully Controlled Unit, meaning, you must press the wrong button and the computer will deal the cards for you.

  1. So You Wanna Learn Rtp Live Game Slot?

Anytime you can learn more about the game of poker, you should do so. Get your hands on more books, go to the poker rooms, play more, and you will get better each time. I started at the Clay Poker Play-Action and won enough money to take my wife out a restaurant for dinner. Good times.